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    Indumicro.com is a leading innovator in Industrial computing products. We offer a broad portfolio of products that include  Box PCs, Panel Pcs, Monitors and open frame monitors.We are commited to strive for continues improvement in product quality, customer service, the efficiency of energy and resource usage.

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    Numerous companies worldwide rely on the quality Indumicro.com industrial computers offers. These computers operate in the most hostile environments, often 24/7. Reliability is paramount at Indumicro.com, new technologies are only adapted after their reliability has been proven.


    The components are sent directly from the manufacturer to Indumicro.com assembly plants to minimise handling and reduce the chance of damage. Numerous steps are taken throughout the entire assembly process to eliminate the possibility of electrostatic discharge, which is the leading cause of system failure.


    picture3All systems are subject to a intensive tests before they leave the factory.

    The report that is generated by these test is included in the package.
    A special department at Indumicro.com can customize the products to fit your specific needs.








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