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SSD 400 sizes

A Solid State Drive (SSD) is the preferred choice for computer systems that are used in harsh environments or in mobile applications.


With an SSD, your system will start up and shut down quicker, applications will load faster and feel more responsive. With virtually instant data access times, SSDs also outperform traditional hard drives in data lookup, file transfers, and other disk-intensive work.


Because an SSD uses all solid-state electronics with no moving parts, it can handle shock and vibration far in excess of traditional hard drives and will survive wider temperature swings. For durability and toughness, nothing outperforms an SSD. We have the following models available:


IMU-SSD32     32GB Solid State Drive

IMU-SSD64     64GB Solid State Drive

IMU-SSD128   128GB Solid State Drive

IMU-SSD256   256GB Solid State Drive

Other sizes are available on request.









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